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Närke hours

what are the hours for sunday or Monday?

As in the brewery?
Don’t think they normally are open for visits.
Would suggest to contact them and check if possible.
They won’t have anything to sell for take away, and likely not a bar to sample either.

You can book a tour, but only tuesday to thursday. Cost SEK 400 per person, minumum SEK 4000.

They have bands playing some saturdays, so I suppose that there is some kind of pub during those times. Next one is on September 21.

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thanks andy…

and gnoff…

the last time i was there, i must have come in on an event day. there was a band playing and i had not set up a tour… went to the bar and sampled thru a handful of beers. bought some shirts, stickers and the like… i may still contact them… does the local systembolaget in orebro have a better selection of narke beers than one in denmark? i’d assume so. it’s a two hour train ride… any help is a help…

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The Systembolaget shop in town (kungsgatan) in Örebro seems to have 9 Närke beers in stock right now: https://www.systembolaget.se/sok-dryck/?searchquery=Närke&fullassortment=0

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Don’t know if received this @imperiald

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