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New beer sensory training system and products announced



Jan. 8, 2020

For Immediate Release

New beer sensory training system and products announced

BrewEssence is pleased to introduce a new line of BrewEssence Sensory Training Kits as well as an innovative method of conducting sensory training.

Designed for use in beer and brewing applications, BrewEssence liquid-format sensory compounds mix instantly with beer, offering accurate concentrations that can be easily dosed into beer in pitchers of beer for service during beer sensory training. Each batch of sensory standards is tested for absolute accuracy, and by using sealed glass ampules, BrewEssence products have excellent shelf life with little loss of concentration over time.

Available exclusively through MoreBeer!, BrewEssence offers a variety of kit formats that can be used to affordably train tasters in a variety of specific applications. “MoreBeer is excited to bring BrewEssence products onto the market as part of our commitment to helping our customers and the brewing community learn the critical role of sensory analysis in creating high-quality beer” states Olin Schultz, CEO/Founder of MoreBeer!. There are 24 compounds available, covering some of the most important flavors and aromas in beer. Our product range includes the most common off-flavors found in beer, giving tasters valuable training in evaluating beer defects.

BrewEssence compounds are perfect for a range of flavor training applications including:

  • In breweries that are training staff for taste panel participation as part of a beer quality program
  • For beer judges who need a “refresher” in common beer characteristics in preparation for organized beer competition judging
  • To assist those preparing for programs like Beer Sommelier, Cicerone®, Beer Academy and the Beer Judge Certification Program
  • Towards training those involved in beer sales, distribution, and retail beer service in spotting product defects

To complement the sensory training kits, BrewEssence has created instructional video segments available for online viewing including the new Sensory Station program. Designed and created by Keith Lemcke, former Vice-President of America’s most-recognized brewing school, these video presentations can be used by individuals or groups during tastings to help analyze and identify the compounds being presented, and the Sensory Station program makes setting up sensory training as easy as possible. A selection of 27 videos are available for viewing at no charge on the BrewEssence Channel on YouTube.

For more information, and for the full range of BrewEssence products, visit the BrewEssence product web site of MoreBeer!.



Keith Lemcke

Marketing Manager


2700 N. Hampden Ct. Unit 24E Chicago, IL, USA

BrewEssence is a US-based company which manufactures products used for training those involved in brewing and beer sales & service in areas of beer sensory analysis. The sensory analysis of beer is a key part of quality control and assurance in beer production and retail service.

MoreBeer! is a US-based company dedicated to serving brewers ranging from homebrewers to those in professional brewing. With the motto of ‘Absolutely Everything’, MoreBeer! features the largest selection of brewing products in the world, operating with a staff of over 150 that focus on prompt order fulfilment, product technical support, and unequalled customer service. Established in 1995, MoreBeer! is independently owned and operated by partners Darren Schleth, Olin Schultz, and Chris Graham.

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