New Challenge for Travlr and Co

I am hearing about a new Chinese venture called ‘Fresh Beer 30Km’ from a friend.

They are hoping to open 100 new breweries in 100 cities, so you are never more than 30Km from ‘Fresh Beer’ (no, it’s not April the First).

Good luck with that Admin types and travelling raters.



It’s taken them 4 years to get the first 4 cities and breweries up and running, so no need to rush over to China just yet!

Fresh Beer 30Km (鲜啤30公里) - China / People’s Republic of China - Untappd


As luck would have it, we will be sharing one of their beers tomorrow. At least I hope it’s beer and not a can of spray paint!


Yes, looking forward to have a fifth of it at the tasting.


Too bad we didn’t get to split China back in last region bonanza. It was planned for next batch.

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Sounds like a better idea than Belt & Road

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