New country stat

I am expanding the stats to all region, countries and styles. Not complete yet. But so far:
12 people have all 16 german bundes.
Only 2 have 10 Canadian.
Yespr is ahead of styles with 73! Fonefan ONLY 72!!!
England 44 highest shared by 2 people.
Only 2 people have reach above 200 in the hexatlon. (4 regions + countries and styles).
I have checked 110 raters. and 98 have + 100 in the hexatlon.
The top 100 will propoply be almost exact before newyear.


Styles: 21 (Thanks Kasteel Winter!)

So now I need to focus on below countries to almost hit top 20… 6+8+9+12+12+13+16 = 76 new ticks

|New Zealand|22|

Aargh //

I’ve actually been working on this stat yesterday and as a result I’m now at 30 countries as I’ve drank a few Hungarian beers. Need 1 more Hungarian plus 6 from Portugal or 7 from Mexico to get to 31. Guess that’ll take some time…

Road trip to Budapest!

According my stats.

21 Next goal: 22
I need: +6 Russia; or +8 Greece
Reg. USA
8 Next goal: 9
I need: +2 Ohio; or + 3 Kentucky / Illinois
Reg. Canadá
2 Next goal: 3
I need 3 of any except Quebec and Ontario
Reg. England
9 Next goal: 10
I need +4 Bedforshire / Oxfordshire; or +5 Greater Manchester
Reg. Germany
5 Next goal: 6
I need +1 Brandenburgo / Saxony; or +2 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Styles 35 Next goal: 36
I need +1 Premium Lager; or +3 Vienna, or 5 English Strong Ale / Imperial Porter

Is this a thing people are still playing at/with?

Or is there a newer thread with these stats on?

My little list has grown hugely, but 7 years or so is a long time.

Portugal has 30 rates and sits as my 29th Country!

East Yorkshire and Surry have 40 rates and sit at 40 and 41 in English Counties.

Tennessee sits 18th with 17 rates.

In Germany, Thuringia sits 15th with 16 rates.

Canada sees Albert with 5 rates sitting in 5th place.


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For me Northern Ireland sits at 54 as my 52nd country. Chile on 53rd has 52 and hopefully one incoming. If Åland would count separately I’d also have another one.

As for regions I just finished my “mini-travlr”, ie. got to 100 of all regions in a country, by completing Jönköping as my 21st Swedish province.

In US New Hamphire is 29th with 33 ratings.
In England Cheshire is 28th with 33 ratings
In Germany Saxony-Anhalt is 14th with 16 ratings. (Only a handful ticks remains to get to all 16/16)
In Canada New Foundland is 6th with 9 ratings.
In Argentina Tierra del Fuego is 6th with 6 ratings
In Australia Queensland is 7th with 7 ratings.
Belgium is completed with all 11 provinces > 11 ratings
In Brazil Paraná is 5th with 5 ratings
In Chile Los Ríos is 4th with 4 ratings
In Czech Republic Pardubice is 12th with 14 ratings
In Finland Central Ostrobothnia is 16th with 30 ratings
In France Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is 15th with 17 ratings
In Ireland County Galway is 9th with 14 ratings
In Italy Aosta Valley is 8th with 16 ratings
in Japan Yamanashi is 10th with 12 ratings
In Mexico Hidalgo is 7th with 9 ratings
In Netherlands Friesland is 10th with 10 ratings
In New Zealand Canterbury is 8th with 10 ratings
In Northern Ireland County Londonderry is 3rd with 5 ratings
In Norway Vestfold og Telemark is 9th with 43 ratings
In Poland Kuyavian-Pomeranian is 12th with 13 ratings
In Russia Voronezh Oblast is 6th with 6 ratings
In Scotland Dumfries and Galloway is 11th with 11 ratings
In Spain Asturias is 12th with 16 ratings
In Switzerland Appenzell Innerrhoden is 13th with 13 ratings
Wales is complete with all 8 regions at > 8 ratings

I have in total 76 regions with 100+ ratings, and Illinois is 86th in total with 86 ratings.


I have 19 Countries with > 19 Ratings. I make it as far as Brazil with 19 ratings. Austria at 17 is my 20th country.

The only Countries that make it past 4 Regions:
Belgium 9 (Need a couple more in Namur and Liege)
Canada 11 (Increasing Nunavut and NWT not likely to happen soon! 6 provinces with 200+, i need 2 more ratings each to get Manitoba and Newfoundland over 100)
England 14 (1 more for Cornwall to get to 15)
France 5
Germany 5
Italy 5
NZ 8
Scotland 8
US 21
Wales 5

My top 4 Countries are Canada, USA, England, Belgium (575) and it’s a pretty steep drop off from there.

Ontario would be my #2 country on it’s own after Canada (The rest of Canada would drop to #3 slightly behind the US without Ontario.)

Quebec would be my #3 country, BC #4. New York #5, New Brunswick, Alberta, California and Nova Scotia would all make my top 10. Greater London and Flemish Brabant would be the only non-North American regions over to crack the top 10 Countries.

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Nice stat.

I’ve got 29 countries with at least 29 ratings. Need a single rating for Canada to make it 30 countries with at least 30 ratings.

As for regions with at least four:

:belgium: Belgium - 6
:czech_republic: Czechia - 7
:england: England - 8
:fr: France - 4
:de: Germany - 8
:ireland: Ireland - 4
:jp: Japan - 4
:netherlands: Netherlands - 4
:ru: Russia - 18 (need two more Volgograd, Tomsk or Tver Oblast ticks to get this to 19)
:scotland: Scotland - 4
:es: Spain - 5
:us: US - 6

Pretty weak, but I’ve never focused on this, except for Russia. I’ve always tried to obtain more regions instead.

Styles: 35, always trying to get more rare styles.

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