New England or Boston Regional forum?

I know we weren’t a horribly chatty bunch but have these regional forums been deleted with the new upgrade?

I think I only posted there once or twice on the old forums but it was one of the first things I looked for on the new ones.

Yes the seldom used forums didn’t make the cut. However I believe if you request they’ll create one. I also feel we need a southeast forum for Florida/Georgia etc all these forums also were dead and didn’t make it. But I now live in Florida and go to New England for holidays and i need some local forum.

I hereby formally request the creation of a New England Regional Forum on the new Ratebeer forums to act as the online repository for electronic missives of a thread-like character for those users currently or formerly living or working in the New England area as commonly defined, or those intending to travel or having recently traveled in New England, or those with no concept of New England who may be curious as to why a special Regional Forum is warranted for that area, and to include all manner of posts either directly or tangentially or barely related to beer, cider or I guess sake, or for plain old trolling, but especially to tell people how to get from Tree House to Trillium to Hill Farmstead on their honeymoon/corporate retreat/family vacation. Time is of the essence.

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In order for a new regional forum to exist, you must create a poll and have 10 locals vote for it

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