New poll for next country split. Vote!

From what I gather it’s mostly done. Places is finished except for Sweden, but given there are a ton of Swedish users on here, they should be capable of dealing with that one themselves.

Japanese sake producers seems like something that will continue to go slow given the (relatively) low interest on this site for sake compared to beer.

Anyway, all of this is dependent on services and when he has time to do it anyway. Aka it doesn’t matter really what I say. I’m just getting things ready for when they do split.

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I have done leter “A” in Sweden. Will continue when I have spare time. Not this week…

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Ok, places are nearly all finished for everywhere, just waiting on mass moves for three big cities in Japan. I’m not sure about the sake producers, if that happened yet.

Alright, just to update, I sent all the countries here to @services now, the complete lists with spelling from the individual country threads made for each.

Still working on them. Did bunch today, will do more when I can.


No rush @martjoobolut , you take your time mate.

Thanks for doing the task bye the way.


I’m unable to navigate to regions tab on my iPhone at moment. Keeps getting gateway timeout. I signed out and signed back in before that gets suggested. @services

^^^ what this guy said! It’s really important that we complete brewer and place assignments for existing changes first. And also collect feedback on how these fairly radical changes changes have affected our users.


Wondered if @joet was going to set up a feedback thread off the back of this comment, but as he hasn’t I thought I’d add some feedback here:

  1. The new region splits are brilliant; I’ve wanted these for ages and the addition of them have quashed any thoughts I’d had about considering moving to Brewver. It felt for a while like the site was really going somewhere again, and by the forum comments I think this was a common view. Thanks once again to all the people who put so much time into making this a success.

  2. Personally that’s enough new regions for me for the time being. I’m not averse to other new regions being added in future (by user request or for site commercial reasons), but I think there’s other things that need sorting on the site first.- see point (4) below).

  3. I’m a bit worried that after the flurry of activity adding the regions, site development seems to have hit a bit of a hiatus again. It would be really nice to have a “site development” thread with a short monthly article saying what’s been added in the last month and what’s coming soon (and maybe polls to find out user opinion) just to reassure people that development is continuing and there’s a future for the site.

  4. In terms of things that I think need sorting before any further regions are added, I’d suggest the following:
    a) Fixing the bug that arose during the regionalisation exercise which caused the yellow places per region map to be replaced by the blue beers per region map (this is really irritating and has been raised a number of times).
    b) Adding ratings/places maps for all the new regionalised countries - looks odd that they’re only available for 4 countries.
    c) A new format for some of the regions menu pages (such as most ratings per state/province) - with all the new regionalised countries they’ve got a bit clunky. Possibly change to a dropdown format or something before doing any more regionalisation.
    d) Other outstanding bug fixes.

  5. Most of all, I don’t want the above to be seen as criticism - I love this site and want to say a big thank you for how great it is already! Cheers!


Five months later and I still think all the new regions we got are awesome. Have been chiseling away at a couple of regions at Japanese restaurants etc.


I fell out of the top 50 regional leader board when the new ones arrived.

I still can’t get back in: Sat at 321 currently (50th is 322), but hope to expand that total before Christmas. Loving the challenge though.


PS @solidfunk, stop finding new breweries, you’ve just blasted passed me on the Richter Scale and you are now 49th in the world.

Ah really @BlackHaddock ? Ya I just tore through western Canada and probably rated a million. Alberta and BC both have so much new stuff since I was last there.

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I’ve grabbed some Mexican regions and I think a couple others. Japan I reached out to some experts to see if possible to have sake from every prefecture from here in states. There is 3 or 4 that so far never available yetI have list but my contacts may pull some strings and get me some from Japan(probably for steep price) if I do want. Beer may be easier

Ya, I was thinking the sake route was the best way to knock off some Japanese regions too. Though I’ve noticed a few more Japanese craft beers make their way here in recent months.

I am hoping to hit here next month:

It’s a Russian Bar in Berlin, want to try some new regions if possible.



The H Marts in Fairfax had a few new Japanese breweries last I saw. Not sure if those will give new regions though.

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I think I only have like three regions or so there anyway so I’d probably get a few.

Sake notes for 5 difficult prefectures:

Kagawa - 6 breweries total very little makes it to states. Have possible lead.

Okinawa - Technically there’s only 1 sake brewery in Okinawa and it’s called Taikoku Shuzo. They make a brand called Reimei. There is an Umeshu available in states that may be rateable

The other three prefectures are “Shochu Land.” With the climate of Kyushu, and before modern brewing technologies were advancing, shochu was the only thing that could be made, considering that certain ingredients (sweet potatoes, barley, black sugar, etc.) grow better in warmer climates with volcanic soil. Sake breweries do exist in these prefectures, but I do not think it is imported overseas.

I have no idea on beer distribution that may be available from these places. Seems Okinawa may have a bunch of breweries maybe some make it around but not sure how to figure that out.

in case anyone felt like getting geeky on sake this afternoon. The rest of prefectures are available if you put time, effort, and money into it as I mostly have.

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Okinawa has a fairly ubiquitous macro lager I’ve seen around in the U.S. occasionally I believe

By almost blind luck scored a bottle of this difficult region. Happy days.

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