New poll for next country split. Vote!

Only three votes this time, and again forgive me if I miss your favourite country. The list only lets me put max 20 options.

Which countries should be split next?
  • South Africa
  • China
  • India
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Anything but Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Colombia
  • Peru
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • South Korea
  • Ukraine

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Also if you have input as to how these should be split, there are a bunch of individual country forum threads for many of these already. Definitely if you are from one of those countries, chip in and let us know how/what spelling etc. on those threads.

Thanks for this post, thought it would be nice if there was a new thread with every planned split. That being said, I don’t see a need for the vote as hopefully all of these will be split. IMHO the question is: what (beer wise) important country is still missing from this list? Are there any good reasons why a country in the list shouldn’t be split?

One of the countries I don’t see in the list is Romania. I think it was mentioned in the Bulgaria thread, but I guess the question is should it get the split?

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Anything but Grimpy Denmark.
They will never manage to figure out and agree anyway.
Exited, go for it.

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Ya I had Romania on then I had to cut because of 20 limit. Also had Uruguay, Panama, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Philippines, Cambodia, Iceland

That’s all I could think of that have something of a scene/or are developing a scene.

Is a poll necessary this time round? Based on what we’ve had done already and how services has implemented them I’m under the impression that pretty much any country with a big enough beer scene will eventually be split into regions. Of course it makes sense to prioritise bigger ones first though. Is this the point of the poll?

I think we’ve had threads for most of these and as far as I know there haven’t been any disagreements on how to split (with the known exceptions of Ukraine and Denmark, and holding off on Latvia until they have new regions).

I’m voting for Austria as this was a big omission last time round, and China and India due to their massive size. But I’d consider at least half of this list as worthwhile going ahead with.

Yeah I was going to suggest a Romania split as I’m fairly familiar with the small but seemingly fast growing scene there. The issue for me was how to split. They have about 40+ counties but I think a large number of these have absolutely nothing so it feels a little excessive. A better way might be to use the six regions, these are only in use for statistical purposes but it’s better than nothing I think. Last time I checked Brewver they were using those too.


Just for priority sake I guess, @lazypyro and in case anybody asks “why this and why not that” in the future.

And so people can click buttons and vote etc.


Thanks for the new poll - I’m definitely up for morenew country splits in future (and I’ve voted), but if I’m honest I’d rather have maps added for the existing ones before we start another round of splitting.

How about having “maps first” as a poll option? I know quite a few other people have also expressed a preference for this.

Also the regions page is getting a bit unwieldy - maybe we need it replaced by a drop-down or something before we enlarge it any more?


Do we know how to do the map thing? It’s something Services has to do pretty much himself, isn’t it? Or is it something admins can also do? I know we’ve talked about it but I think services said it was significantly more difficult than just splitting. Not making an argument not to do it, but I think it also somewhat depends on the ability/time needed to do that?

I think they are really cool too for what it’s worth.

That’s why I think we should get the maps done now, whilst we’ve got someone at Services who seems competent and able to do it.


I know you analyzed some other countries, maybe you could do it also for Romania? If most of these 42 regions have a brewery, then I actually don’t see a big problem. 42 is not that much considering the big picture, and the fact that each region is quite big (the smallest is 223 000+ people) . Administrative divisions of Romania - Wikipedia (wiki links for the lazy people)
Otherwise 8 development regions seem like a reasonable choice: Development regions of Romania - Wikipedia

Just started a separate country thread for Romania @lazypyro and @martjoobolut :love_you_gesture:

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Forgot to say, speak up if there is something else we’re missing here other than Romania, Uruguay, Panama, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Philippines, Cambodia, Iceland, or if you feel particularly strongly about one of those.

I just hope it’s not done en mass next time as I don’t think I got full value out of it. There were some very interesting countries split but coming all at once there wasn’t really time to study each one. I much prefer a slow roll out myself.

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After like 20 years of getting no country split, I think the concern here is if we don’t get it done now, we may not get another chance


Kazakhstan. Huge country, 14 regions. We have 32 breweries listed, which is probably far from the complete story.


I want to do a beeristan tour of central asia.

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Looking still pretty Euro-heavy with what people want. I guess Europe is a pretty beer heavy continent though.


Ok, so assuming this list is representative of all 31 active RB users at this point, we have another list of countries to send forth for splitting, assuming Services has time?

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Japanese Sake producers not been completed regional wise yet I believe, maybe even other stuff around the 17 last countries. I think we (that’s a Royal we, by the way) should finish off the last few bits and pieces before asking for new regions to be added.