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New Styrian Hops: Styrian Dragon, Styrian Fox

Hello neighbours,
I’ve just read that as of 2017, Slovenia officially has two new hops to offer: Styrian Dragon (105/220) and Styrian Fox (102/44).

Are there any beers showcasing those two varieties already? I’m thinking of something along the lines of the Reservoir Dogs Styrian Wolf SHIPA last summer.

I’ve seen two beers from England - Kernel and Great Heck - with Styrian Dragon entered here.

Does anyone of you already have any experience with these?


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Life just gets better and better.

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As far as I can recall there’s Don’t mess with the zoltan by Green gold and Reketye which has both Fox and Dragon, as well as Wolf and Cardinal.

Pelicon Walter Wheat, bottled for the first time this week is hopped with Fox.

Green Gold Brewing should be the one to keep an eye on, since the brewer is also the hop farmer who grows this varieties. Also Lobik may have or might do something with these varieties. But so far, no such example.

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Thanks for correcting that typo @Marko!

No problem.

The Garden Brewery’s Stout used Styrian Fox when it was called “Styrian Stout” and when the hop was just known under its number. Unsure if they kept on using it later, it really didn’t show at all.

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Coincidentally I was bugging a couple of admins to add more tags in the past couple of weeks and Styrian Dragon was one of the hops that needed one. So now we have https://www.ratebeer.com/tag/styrian-dragon/
Fox already had one https://www.ratebeer.com/tag/styrian-fox/

But so far both pretty much only have what has been mentioned in this thread though, couldn’t find much else from Google. Hopefully more people will start to use the tags now that they exist.

If only the new beer page allowed for adding tags :frowning_face:

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I know right… I’ve nothing better to do right now so I’m busying myself tagging all kinds of beers. I keep getting switched between the new page and the old page :frowning:
New page I can’t really do anything because there’s no link to add tags and it’s too time consuming to type it in manually. Just have to hope I get the old.

I’ve been using this site for … 3 years now, and the tags have been a feature I’ve constantly overlooked. It’s a shame it’s not being utilised as of now, I hope this changes.

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