New version of the QuickBeer Android app

Hey everyone! I’ve just released an update to the Android app QuickBeer. The new version brings a refreshed look and improvements to caching and the barcode scanner.

For those who aren’t familiar with QuickBeer: first released in 2012 for Nokia phones and later in 2014 for Android, QuickBeer is an app that supports most of the basic features such as ticking, scanning, and searching – but writing reviews is not supported. This omission is largely historical, as there have always been good alternatives that offer this functionality.

It’s a shame now, of course, as it looks like QuickBeer might be the only RateBeer app available for Android at the moment.


QuickBeer on Google Play

Another big caveat: the app uses the legacy API. For reasons I’m not privy to, the legacy API can only be used with old user accounts. If your account was created after the InBev changes, you’re out of luck. However, all the basic functionality such as searching and scanning works fine without logging in, too.

The app is open source, with GitHub repository at apoi/quickbeer-android.