No GBBF 2024

Apparently there will be no GBBF 2024 next summer due to the ongoing redevelopment work at Olympia. I’d have thought that using an alternative venue would be ideal. I guess CAMRA will say that there isn’t enough time to rearrange it now. Real shame but I had a feeling that the building work around Olympia may affect it at some stage.

CAMRA should just outsource it to people that can really plan and execute a large event. I’m highly doubtful that it will be back in 2025 either.


Way before your time in ENG but GBBF used to be a travelling event around the UK for a decade or so.

It eventually settled at Olympia in the early 90’s and has stayed in London since, with some years in the noughties at Earls Court when Olympia was being redeveloped.

There have been rumblings in the past that it should go back on the road. Share it about. Akin to ‘levelling up’ and de-London-ising major events.

You watch it run again in '25 but NOT London.

That’s fine, but is any of this related to the fact that at 43 (few years back) I was one of the youngest members in my local CAMRA. I feel like that doesn’t help the movement or these heavily volunteer driven events.

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If it makes you feel good … you’d still be one of the youngest !

There has always been a bit of London resentment from the rest of the UK.

Watch this space … 2025 … Manchester GBBF


It’d be nice if they made it truly British… Edinburgh/Glasgow, Cardiff etc.

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If they move the festival out of the smoke I don’t think I’ll bother with it again. Been going every year since the early 90’s (apart from the Covid years). I’ve had a good run I guess.

Someone made a good point on another forum. Most other cities already have established beer festivals, they won’t want GBBF turning up if it will impact those.


GBBF '25 … Milton Keynes

They always want to put events on !


We have next to nothing in Cardiff apart from a small one run by the SU. I’d welcome it with open arms!

Whatever happened to the Great Welsh Beer Festival? I remember going to that in Cardiff many years ago.

It hasn’t returned after COVID sadly. There was early talk of it happening this year but then nothing. Sad!

I’m gonna sit in my mate’s greenhouse with a gallon of homebrew and set fire to tenners


Well … you are the richest and tightest man in Sheffield !!!

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Hmmm, say what you like about CAMRA but I think their organisational abilities for large events are pretty sound.

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More or less same for me. Don’t think I would do an overnight trip for it these days, whereas I would have in the past. But who knows, if it were in a city I’d never visited I might be tempted.

pisstaking aside, I would attend for the foreign muck bar, but it’s year-end at work so no way I’d get there before Saturday when there’s phuq all left. Now if it were in Manchester then after work on Tuesday would be very doable…

This would be amazing and give everyone a chance to check out the local pub scene… oh…