Non-beer breweries in NYC

After the Honey’s thread, I thought it may be worthwhile to start something like this.

Anyone been to this place?

Anyone drank Brooklyn Kura? They have a tasting room at Industry City. I’ve seen the space but haven’t had a chance to try the sake.

Kato Sake

Ooh, fancy. I’m not allowed in those kind of places.

Several places closed right before or during covid. That Caribbean brewery was kind of fun.

There’s Kombucha in Bushwick.

Brooklyn Kura is excellent. I had a few of their sakes on site and was impressed. I do not rate sake, as I do not feel qualified, but I liked what I had.

oh, that hasn’t stopped 99% of raters on this site :grinning:


I’ve had one of the Hana Magkeolli offerings. The Takju 16 was incredible. Would love to get out there at some point, but have no idea when that would be. May just need to have it shipped to someone to like to me since I can’t get alcohol shipped to CT.