Norway in July, good places for beer or to visit

Hi everyone,

We are going to Norway this summer. We are looking for good places to visit on or travel and off course also looking for some nice beerplaces. We want to travel through the whole country by car or a piece by cruise/ferry… If some has some good suggestions… Also places to stay? It may be a B&B or a camping spot or hotel… All suggestions are welcome.

Also if someone is interested tot exchange beer, that is also an opportunity.

Thanks for your advices!

Greatings Wim

I really liked our time in Tromsø in the dead of winter, so I imagine it’s even nicer in the summertime. Ølhallen has a crazy amount of taps (67 according to RB), many of which will be from the big local brewery, Mack. Other places worth checking out were Café Sånn, Tromsø Jernbanestasjon, Huken Pub, Verdensteatret Kafé og Bar, and Bastard Bar (though more for the music and relatively lower prices).

I also quite enjoyed visiting Bergen, though I know less about the bars there. Henrik Øl- & Vinstove and Pingvinen were highlights there.

Oslo is obviously swimming in good options for the beer drinker. These are my standouts in descending order of beer list quality:

  • Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri
  • Grünerløkka Brygghus
  • Crowbar & Bryggeri
  • Hopyard
  • Tilt (lots of pinball machines and shuffleboard tables)
  • Oslo Mekaniske Verksted
  • Kniven Bar (a metal bar with a really good selection)
  • Kulturhuset
  • Asylet (nice rustic atmosphere; not a huge amount of beer options, but it has a beautiful interior and a nice terrace)

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Hey Adam,

Thanks for your answer.

We are taking this with us for our travel. Thank you very much!!!

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For the Rogaland area (Stavanger, Sandnes, Bryne, Egersund) to take the stops along the railroad or by car I can suggest:


  • Cardinal
  • Bøker & Børst
  • På Kornet
  • Gulating pub
  • Cirkus
  • True North Bar


  • Melkebaren


  • Mellombels Ølstove


  • Mungåt Ølbar

Thank you very much!!!

The Rogaland Area of Norway also have the largest concentration of Rateberians in Norway. Even more than in San-Francisco if the roumours are right.

Then we have to check out :smiley: