Nuevas regiones in Espana

Hola gente, disculpe mi espanol de mierda, pero queria preguntar como vamos a separar los regiones in Espana en RB como estamos haciendo para Belgica y Australia.

Que deberian estar? Tengo eses 17 comunidades autónomas:

Y eses dos ciudades autonomas:

Que les parece?


Nice to hear from this, after years requesting it!
I´ve always enjoyed beer stats, and seeing recently Belgium and Australia subdivided made me crave for Spain as well.

Yes, the listing is correct, including the 17 “Autonomías” (regions) and the 2 “Ciudades autónomas” (autonomous cities).



Are there any shortcuts for postal codes in these regions in Spain btw that will make things easier for admins? Looks like Spain may be one of the next based on popular opinion.

A quick google search for Spanish codes, looking at wiki at how autonomous territories are split into provinces and how provinces relate to postal codes, and 10 minutes later, we have this. :slight_smile:

Andalusia: 04, 11, 14, 18, 21, 23, 29, 41
Aragon: 22, 44, 50
Asturias: 33
Balearic Islands: 07
Basque Country: 01, 20, 48
Canary Islands: 35, 38
Cantabria: 39
Castilla-La Mancha: 02, 13, 16, 19, 45
Castille and Leon: 05, 09, 24, 34, 37, 40, 42, 47, 49
Catalonia: 08, 17, 25, 43
Extremadura: 06, 10
Galicia: 15, 27, 32, 46
La Rioja: 26
Madrid: 28
Murcia: 30
Navarre: 31
Valencian Community: 03, 12, 46

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Also, let’s see how our Spanish users breathe. Tagging the top raters by rating numbers based apparently in Spain:
@melush , @fombe89 , @Bullit , @angel77 , @Lowenbrau, @teddybeer, @josanguapo, @Taboada, @BRW, @jamaty,

Also, we may need some backup for Teddybeer when it comes to admining as lively a country as Spain is! Volunteers would be cool :smiley:


And other 5 since the site doesn’t let one tag more than 10 people: @kaserov, @Pilsnerdoctor32, @Torrefacto, @janubio, @miquelcrush


Yep…Just add if needed: Ceuta 51 and Melilla 52


Definitely needed. Just forgot them on that list. Thanks @Taboada

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Postal codes are ok. If you need any help just let us know.
Looking forward to see this done!!

What any non-admin can do (especially those that are doing a lot of pushing nowadays for all countries) is do research in advance for the countries they are pushing to be split. For example, it would be so easier for admins who are doing the legwork to get an alphabetic of small town places on RB for a country already with the states / provinces assigned.

For example:
A Coruña - Galicia
A Gudiña - Galicia
Abades (SC de Tenerife) - Canary Islands
Vitoria-Gasteiz - Basque Country
Zamora - Castile and León


Do you have the list with the small towns to be assigned?

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Well, here - “All cities in Spain” below. Not necessarily small as much as small in place numbers :smiley:

The “major cities” I make a list of myself and send to services for quicker migration so we don’t waste times on tens or even hundreds of places.

Ok. Xls extension?

Sadly, only if one of us makes one, and I’m currently deep in another project, peeping out to fix random stuff here before a potential merge comes.

Thankfully, a lot of towns we have already added states to before.

Alright, cleared out the duplicate cities (I think all), raising A Coruña to the status of “major city” bahahah.

Ok. I will work through that list. Give me a couple of days.



Huge thanks! It should be easy with the work done before, if tedious. If anyone else wants to help (just say, by taking letters R-Z or something like that), they should contact you I guess. If you see any mistakes/bugs worth noting, message me, and I’ll fix it.

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If you want some help let me know. What @Marko says, we can split the list.

Forgot to write here. The list for places is ready (thanks mainly to @Taboada !), it will be usable partly for breweries too I reckon. This is one of the best prepared potential splits so far. Thank you for the offer by all means! Let’s see what can be done when the time comes!


Spain split is live now guys! Well, meaning the basic structure has been set up for it. Now just time to start populating! I’ll try to do some of the places here.

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