NYC Beer Tasting

Love to see old RBians coming out of the woodwork!


I just sent a private message with info for next week to all those who are potentially interested. Of course, still open to any other folks (RB or otherwise beer inclined).

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Bump… just in case. If anyone else is interested let me know. Nov 19 at 5:30 in Park Slope.

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That picture is missing the beer of the night: Drekkor Carrot Cheesecake

Thanks for hosting, it was a fun evening.


Yeah that and the weird NJ dark lager mashup can were missing… I think @explosivedog might have nabbed them…

How was that 2016 Xyaxay beer, i only had fresh.
Also whats the 7 and how was it.

It was excellent. Very smooth. Tasted like uoney and fruits. Everything in that series is very pleasant.

The 7 was MONYO Kings and Queens, brewed by ratebeer’s own @midovark. It was a very interesting take on a Flemish Red, with a super high abv and a barrel aging treatment. Pushing boundaries for sure.


Wow, I haven’t checked the NYC pages for at least 6 months, and have missed this. Alas, maybe we can arrange another in Spring?

Perhaps, but unfortunately leaving New York for Philadelphia soon. Would still always be happy to share some beers.

I’ll be in NYC on the first weekend of April. Anyone want to host a tasting as a bon voyage to @mansquito :grinning: ?