NYC Beer Tasting

After chatting with @explosivedog and @mansquito at Snally there was some interest in doing a tasting.

If there is still an interest, I will be in NYC, and can make myself free, on Nov 18/19.

I should probably be around then.

can’t make it that weekend, but I hope you all get a massive (by Ratebeer in 2022 standards) turnout of at least 3 people!

I would prefer the 19th if we were to do that weekend, but could make either work if forced.

Would like to, but I’m somewhere else that weekend.

You can tag some legacy RB people in this post… I would be happy to host at my house. I also have some friends that would probably be willing to come by.

@explosivedog , me, and @mansquito (hosting) are we agreeing for a definite tasting on Saturday the 19th? What time?

After that we can try to get some of the old timers to notice this thread.

Yeah. I am down. I am open to whatever time. The share has been approved by all relevant parties at my house. Evening might work better, but I am flexible.

Early evening works great for me. Don’t want to start too late and then train my ass down to South Brooklyn in the middle of the night.

@explosivedog what are your thoughts?

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Early evening sounds good. Have a thing early afternoon but should be done by 4pm or so I think.


Not even sure who to tag in the NYC area anymore. I moved away in 2008.

I think our last Ratebeer sanctioned share (in 2019 so very outdated) featured these people

@tgncc @MaxxDaddy @j12601 @puzzl

Possible that @trapped might be interested too

Whoa, a tag for a local tasting?! I’m up in CT now, but if I can somehow make the time, I’d figure out a way to get down there. Need to consult some schedules but I’ll be back here. I’ve got some fun stuff to share if I can make it.

Hope all is well!


Hmmm… This is a possibility. I’ll have to do some calendar checking, but it is possible.


Turns out Jess is working that weekend, so I’m on kid duty. @beastiefan2k try to come back during a week when she’s not at the hospital, will ya?

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don’t you have family babysitters in NY/NJ that can finally earn their keep? :grinning:

Well, we just cashed in a bunch of those points with our recent childless vacation. Suppose I might be able to work something out if this actually goes down but I would not bank on it.


I should be able to make this.


@mansquito any decision on the start time? I need to start planning around family stuff.

Also, what part of the city do you live in (I forget)?

How does 5:30 sound to everyone?

I live in Park Slope by the 4th and 9th stop.