NYC Updates

Not sure how many people are left to care. But this is a thread for any pertinent info.

The Grand Delaney is closing this month.

Coney Island Brewing is closing its taproom in November

At least one more summer left for them. I’m from South Brooklyn and it’s a craft beer desert down there. This was the only place to go and even this wasn’t that good. But, if you haven’t checked it out, make a trip down to CI this summer for the beach, amusement parks, and the only decent craft beer.

Oh wow. The loss of Grand Delancey is definitely not good. Coney Island brewing seemed to have good enough business whenever I went. It is a shame to lose them, but they rightly have not been very relevant for a long time.

I do agree that the basement of Essex Market seemed kind of dead, in spite of the fact that there were plenty of worthy places to eat at. I also feel that the cohesive nature was not sufficiently advertised in that you could get a beer at GD and eat food at any of the shops.

Shit, I still got half-off beer tokens to spend.

I’ve never really enjoyed big markets, they’re just too chaotic & the ambiance completely suffers. They did make up for it with the tap list though.

I’m a big fan of food markets. It may be the kids and the freedom of moving around. But also the different food options makes it easier to make everyone happy. Having good beer is even better.

I definitely agree that it was a great place to bring a toddler and have one or more beers, but then again, I don’t live in NYC anymore so I will survive.

That concept was great, but the issue is that there weren’t that many of those left, as they’ve also all been leaving. Last time I was there half of it seemed vacant. I think this is a sign that the Market Line has failed more so than the Grand Delancey. I expect them to open something new up at some point.


Sad to hear about “Grand Delancey” it was definitely one of the better places in NYC when I visited. I am usually not a fan of the beery places located at the food courts, but this had reasonable set up as it was separate enough from the rest of the places. Hence I didn’t mind the food court part. That being said, it was annoyingly hard to find - no signs outside and no indications that there is actually decent craft beer bar located inside.

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Some new NYC breweries:

Niteglow: not quite sure what is happening here with locations:

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Old Circa location. Looks ambitious. Open everyday with a 4hr happy hour.

Niteglow is a coffee thing turned brewery, right?
They have LA/Chicago/NY coffee spots, so it’s probably an oversight.

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Circa’s beer shall not be missed, and their calzone was mediocre.

I have no idea what Circa is and I know nothing about Niteglow, so this helps clear things up.

It’s not a new brewery, Circa have just rebranded. Space is exactly the same, they’re still serving Circa beers and they couldn’t work out how to change their facebook page so that still says Circa.

I’ve changed the name of the brewery on here, and added a note about the name change.


I’m suddenly stewing with hate. Ugh.