Olutravintola Pikkulintu Ruttopuisto

Not going until July but already planning my ticking in Oulu and Helsinki

Olutravintola Pikkulintu Ruttopuisto is marked as closed on RB Places. Presume this need to be corrected? Was a temporary closure? Their UT list was only updated today!

Will have more Finnish related queries nearer the time:)


It was closed for a while but now open with “new” ownership which is actually the original owner of all Pikkulintu brand.



For some reason links doesnt work straight so copypaste either one and add “h”

here is my google maps link site which you can use when traveling in Finland. When you click place you can see their some sites and possible untappd venue beer list. Ut list is not up to date but i try to update all place links during next weeks.


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I’ll cross-reference with my maps.

Aiming to at least get to places in Helsinki I haven’t been to before. Family holiday with my parents so less time to devote to ticking than when I went for my 40th in 2019.

Last time I was in Oulu was before I joined Ratebeer. I seem to have covered the main places other than Mallasauna.

One more thing! Helsinki SOPP is nowadays 2 week long beergarden at Rautatientori. 19-27.7. Usually 10-12 breweries per week and free entry before 18.00


Miss that by a week unfortunately!