One Day in Dresden, Germany

One Day Trip from Berlin to Dresden

Inspired by @rauchbierlover reoprts from a trip to Goslar and a week in Rome as well as several reports from @BlackHaddock I decided to write up a little bit about my trip to Dresden two weeks ago. Enjoy it :slight_smile:

Two weeks ago I spontaneously decided to take a day off and travel to Dresden to explore the city beerwise. Booked a cheap 25€ roundtrip from Berlin with Flixbus the night before. Left Berlin early at 7:50 and an easy 2:10 later I was in Dresden.

My first planned visit wasn’t exactly Dresden but Moritzburg. A baroque palace about 15km north of Dresden. I had a waiting time of about 45 mins for my connecting bus so I decided to head for Neustädter Markthalle to follow the footsteps of @Travlr and @BlackHaddock One half of the markethall is a supermarket where I bought three cheap Saxony ticks I have never seem anywhere before (my first visit to Saxony btw). Then I looked for the Russian both that was mentioned in the place reviews. Got one Belarus tick there but didn’t bother for Russian ones. Though they had about 10 different beers in total.

Then had my first beer in the bus to Moritzburg. A good Radler to start the day. Moritzburg is an easy 30min bus ride and well worth it. Lovely setting and I obviously had to visit because I am named Moritz. Second beer of the day in the gardens was the Belarus tick. Not a good one though. Strolled around for an hour and then took the bus back to town including beer number three.


Headed straight to Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen for the first brewery visit. Tasting flight of 4 beers plus a little snack for 6€ was very fair and the beers solid.

Then decided to walk back in to the „Neustadt“ for about 20mins. Stepped into Hopfenkult - Craft Beer store for a „Wegbier“. Lovely shop, great selection, especially for many local beers. Fair prices. Then headed, drinking this can

to Planwirtschaft. As it was still very early I was the only visitor, found a nice spot in the sun in their backyard beergarden and got three more Saxony ticks. Afterwards I made my way direction old town. One last stop just before the bridge to cross the Elbe. One of three Watzke locations and I got their monthly special, a nice Dinkelbier. Then I wandered around the old town for about an hour looking at all the nice buildings and getting my liver a little break

Famous opera house from Dresden, the Semperomper, widely known in Germany from Radeberger TV commericals.

before I got to the second Watzke location which is closer to the main station. Tried their Pils there which was good but not as good as the seasonal. Next stop brought me to the famous Frauenkirche

and right next to it to the Freiberger Schankhaus a more commercial brewery for a quick tick of their Schwarzbier. They do flights as well. One last stop in the old town at Radeberger Spezialausschank. One of a few places that serves Radeberger Zwickel. And for being a macro beer this was actually good.

Then I headed back to the Neustadt area for two last stops. First back to Hopfenkult to get 6 bottles to take home and then a last beer at Bautzner Tor, the tap from Neustädter Brauerei. Back in to the tram to the main station for my bus back to Berlin. Long day with a lot of beers but Dresden is a lovely city and I will definitely come back!

New beers tried: 16 plus 6 take home

New breweries tried: 10

Places rated: 10


Sounds like you had a good day, the weather looks good in your photographs too. It was a beautiful sunny day on my visit also.

We liked Dresden a lot and will hopefully return one day. Thanks for sharing your trip with everybody.



Nice post. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing! Hope more users will di that :beers:

I had it years ago in Halle/Saale (at a time I quit rating) and I have very good memories of it.


nice…i had memories too