Openings and Closings

Heard the entire staff quit. I liked their sour offerings and was ok with their regular line up.

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Pariah Brewing in my neighborhood closed down as of this morning. They were pretty decent actually.

2024 keeps rolling as the craft beer killer year.

Some decent news Diamondback is opening up a second location north of Baltimore City


Not really going to shed tears about that. I think i went there once 10 years ago when I first moved to DC then never again. Only beers i rated from them since then were when they showed up at festivals and someone else grabbed one.

Ya they had decent lagers too, kind of similar to Wheatland Springs. The entire staff quit? That can’t be good. Has to be a payment thing, you’d expect. Wonder what the story there is.

Wow ya, glad I moved out, Ballston was a tick hive as recently as a year ago. Sad about rustico, that was around forever. There is still a crafthouse in Reston city center.

Haven’t made it out yet, but this place just opened: