Openings and Closings

Maybe best to just have a single thread for this:

Calvert Brewing has closed:

I am not sure I ever saw a beer of interest from them

DC Craft Beer Cellar has closed

Loved the convenience of being close to Union Station

In Baltimore:

Suspended Brewing is moving locations (to my hood - wooo)

A new brewery is moving into the old Suspended space:

I have sampled their beers and if they can translate this to commercial levels, it will be a worthwhile place.


Black Narrows in the Delmarva peninsula is closing in a few days:

I think this year is going to be a bloodbath.

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It definitely feels that way. And, understandably so.


Seems Soul Mega was brewed at Calvert. Wonder how it will affect them.

Bmore’s Guilford Hall has purchased the brand and IP for Flying Fish. How strange…

Rustico in Ballston closed! Damn. Well, at least they closed after I moved out of arlington. That was a good one. No reason given.

World of Beer just down the street closed too, not sure when So now Ballston only has Crafthouse. Used to hit all three of those places on a friday occasionally for ticks.

That is weird. Flying fish wasn’t great. Guilford Hall was a lot better. I guess flying fish had dubbels and tripels etc., kind of stuff that Guilford likes to brew.

Also, if you haven’t heard of the new Commonwealth in Fairfax City that opened, it’s pretty nice place. Huge taplist. IPAs very fresh on tap there too.

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Crafthouse closed in January.

Ballston Quarter had a beer bar in their food court that was good. They always had a few good/new locals on draft at decent prices, but the last time I made it to Ballston Quarter, it was boarded up.

There’s a few places that always have a few local/regional beers, but nothing like Rustico, Crafthouse or even WoB.

I’m bummed about Rustico closing. However, I had only been there twice since early 2020. Once it was really early on when things were reopening, and the service sucked, but service sucked almost everywhere at that time, so we forgave it. The other time was in their outdoor beer garden, and it was a great experience. Food options at Rustico weren’t as good for the little guy, so if we were going out as a family, we were usually going to Uncle Julio’s or Nando’s if we were in Ballston.

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Boooo. I have been there many times. Sounds like Ballston pretty much has nothing now, which is crazy given population density there.

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Scorpion Brewing, a nano brewery, is closing after this weekend

Cleared the places out… really weird how everything in the vicinity closed. There must be more to it than just people not frequenting the places too much… or must it?

I think it is mostly economics. Costs going up and beer consumption (especially for the cost) is going down. Unless you own your space or have a solid stream of income, it’s hard to be in the beer game right now.

There’s a lot of sports bars/restaurants, or casual hangout places in Ballston that have 10-15 taps of decent craft beer, but no place that really caters to craft beer lovers in that immediate area after all those closings.

District Chophouse just closed

Randomly went to look the state of Craft Beer Cellar in general…

Oh wow.

Seems they went bankrupt, with all but two East Coast and two TX locations closed or rebranded, some very recently. What remains is the one in Lynchburg, VA (which goes as Lynchburg Beer Cellar on Google but nowhere else seemingly) I had to add to the site, and the one in Plymouth, MA had moved, so I had to add that one as well. @Iznogud added the Dallas one relatively recently I reckon, and I added the Cypress TX one now. SO, all long- established ones - not CBC anymore, 3/4 of current CBC’s had to be added - hah!

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Apparently Calvert might is reopening and will start by contract brewing beers elsewhere. I had to dig down in the comments and saw Calvert mention this.

We will be contract brewing for the time being (those details will be on the cans when the first batch hits shelves in April).

Craft Beer Cellar - The Dallas one is still there, great tap list but not many patrons when I went.

Additional closings and new beer news:

Distillery Lane Cider (DLC) in Maryland has closed. The owner retired.

Guilford Hall Brewing has acquired the Flying Fish brand and will be brewing and canning their beers.

Landmade is “temporarily closed”, but the rumor is that it’s not going to reopen. Their social media has been quiet since the first half of January.

I retired Supreme Core Cider, Capitol Cider house & their tap rooms a few months back. Found a few ciders on tap in DC before giving up & jumping into lager oblivion.