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Here’s the ISO whatever number for Panama, which is similar to Costa Rica in terms of growing scene, though a little behind. Having done my thesis in Guna Yala, I’d say we should go for that spelling as it’s what the Guna themselves prefer. Not that there is likely any breweries there.

PA-1 Bocas del Toro province
PA-4 Chiriquí province
PA-2 Coclé province
PA-3 Colón province
PA-5 Darién province
PA-EM Emberá indigenous region
PA-KY Guna Yala
(local variant is Kuna Yala) indigenous region
PA-6 Herrera province
PA-7 Los Santos province
PA-NB Ngöbe-Buglé[note 1] indigenous region
PA-8 Panamá province
PA-10 Panamá Oeste province
PA-9 Veraguas province

Not anti-Panama, love their canal (way better than the Suez Canal), but with merely 29 breweries not sure it needs to be prioritised and split in 13.

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Definitely not prioritized, no. Just putting this out there as I have with anything remotely mentioned on the poll list. And anything else I know of that has a developing scene.

Posting the same thing I said in the Uruguay thread.

This list looks fine but I agree with the others that Uruguay and Panama both seem a bit much at the moment. So yeah, agree with the list but think this should be pushed back to a future country split and not bothered with at the moment.


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