Pennsylvania Farm Show - Best in Beer Awards

Yesterday they announced the Best in Beer awards at the Pennsylvania Farm Show:

Some interesting wins I think. Whats everyone’s thoughts?

@PilsnerForever58 what do you think?

My thoughts … maybe the best breweries didn’t bother entering so this is all a bit of a nothing event?

Went to Philly back in April last year, for the first time in a while.

Human Robot … why aren’t they sweeping the board with the lagers?

Yup looks like Imprint, Human Robot, Tired Hands, Hidden River, Forest & Main, Hitchhiker, Dancing Gnome, Voodoo, Second District or any other brewery that I consider good was not represented.


I think the biggest limitation for breweries is the rules to submit:

  1. 3 12oz bottles or cans (hermetically sealed)
  2. They had a specific date for their shipment/receiving (forgot it off the top of my head)

And the biggest factor:

  1. They need to be a member of Breweries of PA. (BoP) Guild.

I think #3 is the biggest thing. Out of 500 breweries in the state, only something like 280-330 are members. And it seems that some of the bigger hitters - Yuengling, Troegs, Other Half, Aslin, etc; are not members. I think there was also a stipulation that the beer HAD to be made in PA (makes sense), so depending on Other Half, Aslin, etc’s brewing production - their beers might not even have been eligible.