Petrucci Brothers Brewing

Petrucci Brothers Brewing in New Brighton PA, has been sold and reopened as Bullseye Brewing:

Bullseye Brewing debuts in New Brighton with a grand reopening party. Bullseye Brewing is the new name and brand for what’s been Petrucci Brothers brewing, at 911 Fifth Ave.

Any good? Unfortunately on the other side of the state from me.

Petrucci was not very good, so no big loss there. I’ve only managed to have one Bullseye yet and it was pretty unimpressive - 2.8 score as I recall - haven’t gotten to that part of my backlog yet. But it is early for them so definitely reserving judgment.

Yep, lots of new mediocre breweries popping up all over this area.

@cheap you reckon it’s just okay to rename the brewery and the place, has anything changed really apart from the brand? same brewer / recipes?

Or should I retire and open new brewery/place entries?

Edit: Looking at FB, they never skipped a beat, just switched brands and continued on, so renaming’s the way I reckon…

Yes rename but we’ll have to rename the beers too, or list them as alternative names.

Petrucci Brothers Silverback Oatmeal Stout
would simply be changed to
Bullseye Silverback Oatmeal Stout

Seems like a lot of work for 61 beers!
thkx marko

Did more work on single breweries, shouldn’t be an issue, however, we just need to make sure which ones are still active / have been rebrewed and therefore should be renamed. Could you please help with that?

Oh man, they call their Czech Pilsner a “lightly hopped” beer. :frowning: Doing it wrong, folks!

Edit: Alright, updated the beers I see were brewed / sold since the rebranding. If others pop up, send a bug report or ping me or write here or something. :smiley:

Thanks for all your effort on this. Next time I’m over there, I’ll check to see what should be retired but I bet any of those recipes may be made again.

This “Oh man, they call their Czech Pilsner a “lightly hopped” beer. :frowning: Doing it wrong, folks!”

yea, like froth said, some of these local nano’s are naive

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yea :joy:
got this from a search for pilsner, the first thing that popped up! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

“Budweiser is an iconic American pilsner brewed with both two-row and six-row wheat, in addition to rice. It has a 5% ABV and, like most American pilsners, is a very pale, light yellow colour.”