Places in Berlin

Berlin in the place category is divided into suburbs. Still, there is a page where from time to time new places have been added randomly.

Would it be possible to fix it? I wanted to send corrections, but I cannot find “how to”. Any admin here?

If help is needed to sort places by Bezirk, I am more than happy to assist.

On top of that I spot some other mistakes,

We have twice Wedding:

Schoenefeld is in Brandeburg, not Berlin:

And in the list I linked in the OT, there are several places doubled

I’m an admin, but I can’t delete a place like Wedding or move Schönefeld from Berlin to Brandenburg… maybe @jonas can help?

I have cleaned up the Berlin,Berlin entries for now.

Unfortunately I cannot do anything to remove a empty city listing. @joet there seems to be no trigger/function to get rid of empty sets in this case is there?

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Awesome job! Thanks

Thanks @jonas ! Can you send me a link to an empty city listing and let me know what page you found the link?

Sorry to hijack this Berlin thread but as @joet attention is already here: similar problem in Frankfurt am Main aswell. If you look here:

There is twice Frankfurt am Main.

And aswell places only listed for Frankfurt which should be Frankfurt am Main.

And German Admins might wanna find a general rule if you use an “-” or a “/” to separate parts of the city into a suburb and if so with or without a “Space” inbetween. As we have many different ways as seen in the Frankfurt example.

The two above are examples of empty city listings which should be removed.
The Berlin, Berlin one should perhaps stay in order to catch new entries people add without knowing the Bezirke of Berlin.

So these have been fixed?


For a travlr who visits Berlin, Frankfurt, etc it is extremely difficult to find places since we auslander are not familiar with all the neighborhood subdivisions. Some of the subdivisions have only one place listed. Some have none. Why not combine them, or most of them, into plain old Berlin?
The subdivisions also make it impossible to get one list of all the places in Berlin, or all the places rated above 90 or 70.

Good point. I never had a problem with this even in Berlin because i usually use the world map and zoom in to find places but I see your point if someone uses the lists.

Some regions in the UK have the same challenge, even London is difficult

Cheers for the Berlin ‘sorting out’: I am there in a couple of weeks. Know my way around but do use the database for new places if in a new/different area of the city.