Poll of the Day 30-10-2017 Where would you go

You’ve been magically transported from that time when you really started to get into beer and were looking at the internet for others like you, to the present day. You look around at what your options are,Where do you go?

  • RateBeer
  • BeerAdvocate
  • Untappd
  • Facebook Groups
  • Somewhere Else (Reply Where)

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How do i see the result off your poll ??

you should see it as soon as you vote, or you should see a show results at bottom (remember to like my reply) I need those badges :smiley:

It may not be possible to see, before voting, as i created most of them, i actually dont know that bit :smiley:

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Do you mean like like :slight_smile: or like like like ?

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I originally joined BA, but eventually moved over to RateBeer because of the better, more relevant database (for non American raters).

So, while I do see the appeal of the even bigger UT database, I still think the lack of forums, ratings and other educational aspects would have made RB my main site for beer.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse for sticking around…

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Totally valid. I think RB the better option, having experienced it all. But im pretty sure id have fallen into untappd

I like untappd, but the stats at Ratebeer are more fun. I use both for different purposes, but I still think I would gravitate to Ratebeer. That’s probably why I’m still here.


Probably would do the same as I did initially and start with untappd.


Started on BA, but fell out. Plus as stated by tmrmwel, non-US users on BA were poorly treated thread and database wise. Add to that they wanted me to stop using my fish signature.


Why am I blackhaddock1 on the new forums?

I used to be BlackHaddock.