Portland Trip - October 22

I’ll be in Portland next month from 10/12-18. If anyone from PDX is still on the forums and would like to grab a pint or two, let me know.


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I’m in!

Sweet - Wouldn’t feel like a PDX trip without meeting up with you Douglas!

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Seems to be a really good trip, man. I wish I was in Portland. Currently, I’m having my vacation in New Zealand, but I would still be really happy to join you guys. Btw, I’ve heard that some Portland districts have a high mugging risk, so you should be very careful. Once I was mugged in Portland, I think it’s another story to be told. Just be careful and don’t drink too much, guys. Keep us updated on your trip, please. I wish you all the best, man. Have a nice trip. I’ll be waiting for your posts on your Portland trip.