Postal codes for Wales, N Ireland, Ireland?

Are there any shortcuts for postal codes in these regions btw that will make things easier for admins? Sorry if this was already said somewhere. Just trying to get organized as we may get a mass split.

Just seen this, the answer is yes, probably for Wales and Northern Ireland but I will have to get back to you hopefully tomorrow.

This should do it…

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Useful link. If I have time later I’ll extract a list of only the relevant ones for Wales and N. Ireland since an alphabetical list of the entire UK is a bit cumbersome to go through.

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Was quite amazed that they had a county split matching our proposed one, rather than the unitary authorities if I’m honest.

As a note of caution, at least in England so potentially in Wales / N. Ireland, postal counties do not necessarily align with physical counties. My sister lives in Dorset, but her postal county is Hampshire.

We have areas of Blackburn (normally BB postcode) with a Preston (PR) postcode & vice versa.
Same goes with phone numbers.
Near me in Blackburn some addresses have Preston postcodes & Chorley phone numbers but are actually in Blackburn!

This was because post codes were based on sorting offices rather than county boundaries at the time. Certainly for England anyway, I will take a look at Wales to see if it’s the same. Belfast in NI is also a bit of a mess across more than one county. It will take a bit of research.

I have to record accumulations by post code at work. It will be the same issue for Wales. Not 100% sure about NI but I seem to remember that they’re less accurate.

One thing to remember is that postcodes sometimes change but business will not always be aware of this. There’s a very useful website which I’ll look up tomorrow as I cannot remember what it’s called. It’s run by a post code enthusiast and has maps of which areas current and defunct post codes cover.

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Dudley postcodes also cover parts of Worcestershire and Staffordshire.

Shrewsbury post codes extend West into Welsh Wales, all the way to Aberystwyth

Great Grimsby the famous Lincolnshire Fishing Port has DN (Doncaster) Post Codes, as does Cleethorpes.

Wainfleet of Batemans fame is near Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast has a PE (Peterborough) Post Code.

Just saying!


At the end of the day anyone unsure of which country a brewery is in can just look look it up on Streetmap which features county boundaries, which presumably UK Admins are already aware of.

Yes, but the discussion here is about automatically assigning counties based on post code. Training a bot to check on Streetmap is not so easy.

Ya if it’s not going to work it’s not going to work. Some countries it does, others not so much. I don’t even know how that works with the postal codes, I just know it apparently helps in some cases.

Well… that’s the first mention of a bot doing it. RB has those?!

Calling @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Oh, yes. That mofo.

It’s not the end of the road for this though as the exact area can be pinpointed by the numbers. So round our area OX spreads into Northants etc but the Northants part has the suffix 17, so OX17 would be postcode. Hopefully this is accurate with county / Country boundaries.
If that fails then we have done many of the others manually, it won’t hurt doing thses.