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How do I change my Profile Picture on the forums?

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Bump for interest.


I recently changed my profile pic on Ratebeer, and a couple of days later it was reflected in the forums


I’m waiting 3 days for a pic change, that is normal?


I think you your Main RB pic is your forum pic by default now. But we can have a fancy background for our forum profile but not in our main site profile.


I changed my RB profile pic 4 days ago, new pic is now showing on my desktop but not on mobile devices, and nowhere is it showing on the forum. Something needs to be fixed about these pic updates.
Sometimes it also takes days for beer pics to finally show up on their page after uploading them. Why so slow? Why not refresh that cache instantly after uploading? I don’t know of any website that has this problem besides RB…


You must be new here…


If you notice a different behaviour between platforms (e.g. picture shows up on mobile but not laptops), it’s likely an issue of cache (your browser)? rather than the site


Like I said, only with www.ratebeer.com though


Even after clearing browser cache my old avatar pops up sometimes. I think theres still new and old pages and new pages use uploads from a certain date and onward and old pages use data from before? Is this the nightmare we live in? Sure feels like so.