Quasi-mystery Carolus identification

I’m usually the one decyphering things, but I have a huge ass backlog of stuff to do here and a five minute search didn’t bring out anything, so yeah… we’re trying to identify a mystery Gouden Carolus that someone effed up the adding of.

Doesn’t appear to be Hopsijoor or Christmas at first glance - the wreath or whatever at the bottom is not in newer pictures. The beer was ticked this February.

Probably something dead obvious.

Looks like easter

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Indeed it does, thank you - missed it at first glance as it is retired. Wonder if it was re-introduced, or if people are just drinking age old bottles, almost certainly the latter.

FatPhil shared old bottle some time, hence I recognized it.

Untappd is probably the best source to find out if it is brought back :smiley: