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Ratebeer Best 2020: Best Beers by Country are messed up

What’s the criteria for the award? Something seems messed up. Even though it says “Best beer and brewer are strictly for 2020” in the awards page, for example the best beer of Finland only has 2 ratings in 2020 (3.6 and 3.9), the best beer of Ireland has only one rating in 2020, and the best beer of Ukraine has no ratings in 2020.




Normally, admins are given that in advance to check if the algorithm used was flawed and where - and I’m heavily underscoring that because no choice ever was some admin saying “remove this and put this”, in the end it was maths all along, to be fair. Apart from, of course, cases where we caught cheaters. This year the best beers/breweries/new breweries by country was NOT given for review, resulting in an uprecedented number of extremely weird, suspicious and baffling results. For every correct- or okay-seeming one, there are several which are completely bizzare.

It’s another hard hit for us who are trying to promote Ratebeer and have to live with the mockery and the bullshit that those paid to run the site are happy to ignore.


It should never have been put up, plain and simple. You don’t run a project that relies on large amounts of data to be successful when you have no data.


@joet is in charge of gathering this data and running it by the admins, he should really have been pinged here for this discussion.

Joe was pinged about this multiple times before the results went live.

This is a discussion that should have occurred behind the scenes at least a month and a half ago. Can we please have it next time?

You’re correct on this, I’ll talk to Joe about ensuring the admins are over it long before we publish anything.

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