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joet = someone pretending to be joet.


Hey Guys!
The lack of invite was my fault - and I completely apologise! We’re running with a super small team and there were a lot of moving parts to make the parties happen. I’m making a note to post the events in here next time - and I promise there will be more events to get along to next year. And yep - we’re planning on having Joe out again for Good Beer Week & GABS. And make sure to follow on Instagram/Facebook for some of these things, too!

Ratebeerians of the year 2018

Wait, RateBeer has a “team” in Australia?


@beergirltif are you guys InBev employees or RateBeer employees? Just out of curiosity.


I work for RateBeer through ZX. I’ve worked in the beer industry in Australia for nearly a decade - so the beer part isn’t new to me. And I’m really excited to get the word out and bring RateBeer to new beer lovers and meet more of the community of long time users!


Thanks, that answered my question.


Steve Smith is a yobbo.


So this has clarified matters, thanks.

It’s clear that the Australia launch was not for members. It was for other AB InBev people and random industry bods.

The status of RateBeer members is clear: not quite an afterthought.


@hawthorne00 The parties were public and were for all people who are interested in beer. Because RSVPs were not necessary, they were posted on public forums and we were able to share beers with long time users and also introduce the community to many beer drinkers who have not had a lot of experience with RateBeer before.


I mean, yeah, but it wasn’t FOR existing members. It was so Joe could expense a trip and a few InBev employees could justify their continued employment.


I ain’t mad at ya, but be honest, that’s what this was.


If literally anyone at that party rates more than 500 beers in 2019 I’ll eat my hat.


Really? Which ones? And how did they find out about it if Aussie members that are actually active (only one of them, mind) on the forums didn’t get invited?
Never mind, just saw the other thread which answered my question. Seems only 2 users were there though.

Well I hope you didn’t tell them about these forums. Being full of bug reports and complaints, they are hardly a great introduction for new members!

Also split Australia into regions please.


Apart from @Samma and @tp35282 only a single person out of the ones I was able to track down there ticked a single beer after November 28th.

It’s certainly an interesting event in its core and the presence of experienced raters to talk to might’ve helped retain the users beyond “will write some random shit tonight for free beer”.


Was @2pac there? I hope so.


While I can understand the rage, I think you’re also missing the point a little in terms of what Ratebeer’s expansion will focus on. In the end, the app/site isn’t competing with Untappd. So, every user isn’t expected to also rate. They need more “users” (folks who consult the app for product reviews) than they need reviewers. It’s the Tripadvisor model.

They would have gained 6-8 more reviews per beer by 20 users (many redundant I suspect) by inviting the most active raters. 150-200 new set of eyeballs and 1000s of mentions via Craftypint/Facebook is a much better outcome.

Also, by picking 15-20 of the higher rated (or prospectively highly rated) beers and putting them in front of newbees, they’ve boosted the prospective visibility of said beers on the broader site/the newsletter/end of year ratings. That’s what’s always disappointed me about Ratebeer from a parochial perspective (also I know how much some brewers internationally have embraced the site as a platform for exposing their brand, but no-one down seems to have ever built critical mass to do so).


Now this sounds plain crazy. Top 3 Australian breweries according to untappd have less than 150 rates here for 60+ beers combined. Over at untappd they are above 10k. Not sure why would anyone consult RB at this point.


I’m bemused not angry. And I can’t really complain because If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.

But your remarks about leveraging (to use the American term) the database and existing reviews

and tif’s account

are not at all at odds with my conclusion that RateBeer members are not quite an afterthought.


Problem is they can’t have one without the other.

Another 10k+ rater left the site yesterday, if more end up leaving (several have already echoed his sentiments due to current frustrations with the site and app) then it will start becoming nigh on impossible getting more users on the site consulting reviews because there will simply be hardly any reviews here.


Oh but they do. Several of the best shops here use RB shelf tags. RB (rightly or wrongly) has an industry credibility here that untappd and Beer Advocate do not.