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Hello all!

RateBeer was born and evolved around a single purpose: to create a place where true beer lovers can rate beers. Eighteen years later, we’ve grown into a vibrant community with hundreds of thousands of members and millions of ratings and reviews of beers from around the world. This wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you - and your passion for beer.

Over the past year we’ve made a number of important updates to RateBeer to allow us to better grow, revamping the user experience and creating our first in-house mobile app. Now, we’re expanding to support the most common request we’ve gotten for years – “How do I get these beers?”

In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out new features and enhancement including the ability to buy more beers through more online partners. After our successful tests of these services in the US and UK, we’ll be expanding these services into Australia. We’ve planned a few RateBeer events in Melbourne and Sydney Australia to kick off our efforts there. Check the newsletter for more info.

RateBeer remains the authoritative source for quality reviews. We all put in the extra effort to ensure our scores and awards remain our greatest offering – reliable, accurate and useful to those inside and outside our community. RateBeer has a strong future ahead and I’m excited to continue our growth with your support and passion.


Joe Tucker

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What is “the newsletter”?


Australian members will receive invites via email. The regular newsletter is for anyone to opt into. The form to do so is at the bottom right of every page on the site.


For one minute I thought that we were going to split Australia into territories with the Expansion title. No such luck, just another InBev Marketing push, darn it.


Definitely something worth looking at in the near future – hold tight!


I looked at the community page and there is a RateBeer twitter post that says the Melbourne event is in less than 48 hours. That’s getting towards a bit late notice if I’m supposed to be invited. Maybe I’m not. No email received. Last weekly newsletter received November 9. One before that June 21. [edit: no, there’s one from August too]


That’s quite dissapointing to hear…from a quick look at the top Australian raters list there only seem to be 5 active raters based in Victoria above 1000 rates so it’s not like it needed a major emailing effort organising


Looks like Joet will be there in person for party per the Twitter so serious about Aussie land. We should at least split that country into regions to celebrate.


Haha… nice try.


image http://youmoveme-visa.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/image16.png

Easy peasy


@RichTheVillan drop Bloke


Oh well, never mind. Too hard to reorganize now anyway.

Still no email invitation. Still no RateBeer Weekly. Nothing shows on the Local page. No entry in Events. Nothing in the Australia forum.


But the tweet got 2 likes so it’s on like donkey kong


can we get an update on whether joet enjoyed a cup of piss with any blokes down under?


I did find someone on the team who could sing nearly the entire song.


The Melbourne event is on now. Any members receive an invite?



Both from the States. :smiley:

Australian ratebeer events


This X100