RB European Summer Gathering?

Hey guys!

Any plan for this summer?

Usually we started to discuss the gathering around February thought…


The idea of going to Franconia has been discussed for a possible Winter Gathering that never happened. We have a few users who’ve been there a few times, I think. It would be great to revive that idea!


It´s a bit early to say, but i think Asturias (Spain) proposal will be probably submitted again this year.


I think @leighton1 has helped to organize it in the previous years?

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I went to Barcelona in 2016, it was great fun, last years gathering was too difficult for me, far too many cities and messing about for my liking.

It took me three days to understand the transport system and find my hotel in Barcelona; changing countries and hotels every other day would have been beyond my drunken capability.

Please vote for this years simplest proposal.



Is there anyone keen to run the submission and voting process this year? I’ve done it for a few years now and don’t want to monopolise it.

I’m happy to help, though, as needed.

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Just asking because I need to plan my summer holidays and I tought it could be fun going to the RBESG.

I hope you (or other volunteer) can run the process :slight_smile:


Looks like you again Leighton.

Not that there appears to be much interest anyway. These new forums have not been a great success yet, hardly anyone uses them.


Is there anyone who would want to submit a bid to host?

I agree that until the forums gain more traction with both old and new EU members, concocting a labour-intensive proposal might be a risky enterprise given how few people will notice, let alone vote, let alone turn up.

Very much in line with regional sentiments in the EU, it might be a bit easier to devise UK/DACH/BeNeLux gatherings and just invite all other EU RBian members in with an open invitation…

Meanwhile, there still aren’t too many active Berlin community members, so I guess Berlin is out again.

Repeating myself from the DACH Summer gathering brainstorming thread:
Why don’t you all come to the Tettnanger www.hopfenwandertag.de Aug 5 and we’ll make a DACH Tristate weekend with outdoor tasting out of it? :smiley:

cuso/gurthnar/Misow/Fajry put in great proposal’s for Bratislava in both 2016 and 2017 as per the below links, and sadly didn’t win either years :frowning:

Holding out that they might see this and try again this year :smiley:

2016 Bratislava

2017 Bratislava

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Last year I saw the Bratislava propose and, damn, it was good.

I vote for Bratislava. Looks like I’ll be there in June anyway…

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@cuso @Gurthnar Please notice this :slight_smile: Chances I can make it are slim but I’d really try as hard as I can. I agree with @Desverger the bids always looked great. But @BlackHaddock is right though, the forums are visited way less frequently and by less users I think. Hell this is the first time I’ve seen this thread and I just saw it was started 26 days ago!! Might be me being old fashioned or simply stupid when it comes to these new technology things where a computer / software does part of the thinking, but I can’t find shit on the forums anymore.

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unless someone tags you with @ it’s really hard to notice these things.

As for Summer Gathering, I already have plans to visit Bratislava in May, so not gonna join you there.

let me know if there are any must-visit places in Bratislava that don’t feature very prominently on RateBeer…

OK, much as it pains me to say it, I’m really not seeing enough here to make me think we should run through the exercise of submitting bids and voting. That’s a shame, but it is what it is.

I do hope the days of wide-scale RB European gatherings are not done. There have been some great ones over the years.

If we don’t have interest for a summer meet-up, perhaps we could re-visit the idea for a winter meet-up?

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Think you’re right Leighton. Unfortunate at the moment but it is what it is. Maybe I should just come to London a weekend so we can share some good beers at least? :wink:

Travlr, some new places opened up in Bratislava recently. Overall the ranking on RB is not very representative of the quality of places. If you send me a pm I can give some suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello guys! I think I am speaking for all three of us, who originally submitted Bratislava, that this year there is sadly no chance of it happening. Maybe one of the next years, we will see.