RB forum/user information

It was very useful before to see in the Forum how many Beer/Place ratings a user had right next to their name. Any chance this is coming back?

Also, before when you clicked on a user you would get to his Profile page, where you could easily click onwards to his Beer/Place ratings too. Now when you click on a Forum user you get his forum statistics, with (AFAICS) no easy way to click onwards to his/her beer/place ratings. Can this somehow be changed?


Seconded. It currently is too hard to get from the forum profile to the RB profile.


I requested this a whole 3 weeks ago - Premium icon and number of beer/place rates

0 replies. I wouldn’t hold out much hope. :frowning:

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Ah, didn’t see that one…

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This is great feedback. Thank you. With so many changes, sometimes the most basic things become invisible.