Recent activity page with new app ticks

Will new ‘ticks’ from the new app be compiled/combined on the recent activity page in the near future, like normal ratings? Because this is not a pleasant sight:

Fricking caesar spamming everyone’s feed. Unfollow :joy:

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I have sent this as feedback a couple of updates ago. Guess it doesnt have priority with the developers. I annoy myself with it too, as i ‘follow’ myself :grin:



ahhh i see now. ps all the cool kids follow themselves. best way to know the score

Think it is because you follow your self …
Yesterday i’ve made a lot of ticks and they did not show up in the “Latest Activity” page … before i did rate(review) a beer, and then it said fonefan rated this xxxx beer and ** more beers.

@fonefan But did you use the tick function, or did you make ratings without txt via the new app like I did?

No, i used the tick function (1 to 5 stars) on my Chromebook

Seems to be with all the ratings made via the app, because I see it more often now

@fonefan @caesar Old ticks made with the stars function don’t show up in the recent activity page. Just the empty ratings made with the new app. But it shows
Which is basically spam imho, and should be fixed if possible. Otherwise no more Caesar in my friends list.

i think thats been brought up.
There was a little discussion in old forums over the every single one
which is def gonna be a pain as more people use new app

It’s the reason why I havent entered my backlog yet. Be happy I have a heart :stuck_out_tongue:

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And i will give you a few more more :smiley: :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

I have just found out, that ratings via the app still clunk the latest activity page. But when you finish with a proper rating, the script for merging the latest activity is activated, and merges all activity (I mixed app, star ticks and proper ratings). Good to know, so I can finally enter my backlog using the app quite a lot.

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You’re still spamming my timeline, Cees. :expressionless:

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That’s because I was entering ratings with the app. I finished it off with a proper rating. Now it’s all in 1 line again.

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Yeah combine the recent ticks.

And we need Personal Reviews, Personal Ticks and Total Ratings (Ticks + Reviews) lists/folders in our personal Ratings page