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Reporting abusive language in reviews

Look, I love the variety of perspectives on this site, but suggesting that brewers should close their business and commit suicide because of their work is completely inappropriate. This is the review in question:

I’m not sure what the Latvian for “brewers, please, kill yourselves” is, but, brewers, if you’re reading this, your useful time on the face of this planet has come to an end, please tie yourselves into sacks full of stones, and jump in a river. Dissolve your company. Torch your facility. This must never happen again.

Is there a process for reporting reviews with abusive language? This isn’t the kind of thing that someone should think is okay to say, let alone think is even remotely relevant while reviewing a beer. It doesn’t get any better with the entire review trying to (in my view, erroneously) compare the beer to bodily fluids and sexual acts involving feces.


This is the worst “miserable rater” review I’ve ever seen. Jeez…
Also “thick cumminess” wtf? Why the edgy teenager language?

Imagine being this upset by a beer. Just rate it accordingly and move on. Especially when you mainly drink for the sake of ticks.
It’s the sort of thing some memelord would write in an Untappd checkin just so they could get untappdwtf to feature them on Instagram so they can brag to their friends.

Anyway no I don’t think there’s a built in way to report reviews.
@services it would be good if there was a report action for reviews that users could use - not just for cases like this, but also for spammers, or where the user is obviously affiliated to the brewery and rates their own brews 5.0 etc.
There could be a few options when clicking it, much like when you report a photo on social media.
User could choose one of:

  • This is spam
  • This is abusive
  • User is affiliated with brewery

with an option textarea to provide additional details.

Admins of a sufficient level could then choose what to do with it.

I’ve written some negative reviews, but I’ve never felt the need to suggest that a brewer kill themselves for their efforts. I also get the sense that this person has no idea what the sexual acts they refer to actually look like but that’s neither here no there.

A reporting function would be smart. It’s potentially more work for whoever reviews these kinds of things, but let’s be honest: these kinds of reviews have no place whatsoever on RateBeer.

My whole ratebeer existence is based on offensive reviews.


Yeah it’s extra work for admins but in all honesty I rarely come across stuff that would require admin intervention so I don’t think it’ll be much trouble. And really every website with user submitted content should actually have functionality to report said content for whatever reason(s) go against their TOS/ethics/morals/etc. It’s just smart from a business point of view. Especially when you’re based in a sue-happy country like the US!

Clearly the guy is joking…
I mean ya maybe a bit overboard but hell, I’m fairly sure I’ve written reviews in that vein before.
Trashing bad beer is as important to RB as finding whales or whatever else we do on this site


Looking at that user’s reviews, they’re generally all not great, but none of them as offensive as that last one.

We’ll look at way to report a user. At the same token an admin should be able to deal with, edit or even delete anything that seems overly offensive. It might be worth having a chat with that user (they do have over 21,000 reviews too)…

@joet have you seen this ^^ ?

Services @ RateBeer

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Jokes are usually funny. There’s nothing funny about telling someone to kill themselves.

Found the guy who works in advertising or marketting.

You’re hereby invited to the Tallinn Crap Beer Festival. If you can’t make it in person, get your own crap, and Zoom in.

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Not even to Hitler or Stalin?

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Wow. I’m honoured. I’d break quarantine for that, if we’re discussing suicidal endeavours :rofl:

I could send you a reading list, or recommend a few movies that might change your mind…

I’d rather not, thanks.


Any update on this? Letting it slide as mere edgelord bantz?

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