REQUEST access the ratebeer forum from the mobile app

I noticed that the ratebeer’s forum is not very active and has very few posts per week and that there is no way to use the forum from the mobile app. I think that if there would be a way to access the forum from the android app there will be more posts and it would be easier to see if someone replyed to you without having to connect to a computer.


Thanks very much for the post and suggestion. Building the social aspects of the site isn’t part of our immediate plans – we’re busy working on bug-fixing and new initiatives – but we will be changing our focus later in the coming months and this might be a feature we consider. Thanks again for feeding back. It’s much appreciated.

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Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but wondered if any more thought had gone into integrating the forum side of things into the app? Or is the app to remain solely for rating?