Request: Brewery stats, awards, milestones on brewery page

Happy holidays guys!

Just thought of an idea which would be a great feature. I’m here in B.C. and trying to determine which are the best all around breweries. I realize that’s a subjective question, but here’s a cool way I thought we could deal with it in some sense.

What if on a brewery’s page, we had listed how (and if) they had beers in the top 50? It could be like the badges that we get for rating 1000 beers for example, but in a brewery’s page, you could have it listed that they have 2 beers in the British Columbia top 50 overall. Or 1 beer in the top 50 worldwide Kolsches, etc. It would be awesome to see that some breweries are good at everything they do, and others in certain styles - AKA certain highly respected Florida breweries are great at stouts and weird desert gimmicks but not so much at IPAs. This could be through badges or some other accolade listed on their page. Basically it’s like their record book (then we could make a hall of fame! hahaha, kidding).

This could sit on top of a brewery’s page. It could also state RB Best past awards, so if a brewery got an RB best award it would say what year and when. I’m not sure if we would want to make this change over time, as in if a beer like say Peche Mortel of Dieu De Ciel has been bumped from Top 50 overall then it either loses that badge or the badge converts to former? Would there be anyway to do this automatically? Even having a one-time badge for achievements for these beers on the brewery page would be cool.

I know it says top 50 on the individual beer’s page, but it would also be very helpful to see what a brewery’s achievements overall are on the site. So you could browse breweries in a region and see which has a bunch of top regional, style or overall beers. On that note it’s probably also worthwhile to note a top 100 overall, or top 500 overall (but that’s just me and could be discussed and or polled).

We could have another thing it tracks their top 3-5 beers, listing for example in a thing that updates as our list changes what number overall their top beer is. So as in, Westvleteren 12 would be #1 then change depending on TG etc. Make sense?

Anyway, thoughts about this? I think adding more detail to brewery pages would be great in general. Even something like founding date and the company description of their own brewery on the brewery page would be a positive addition.

Another possibility would be stats which break a brewery’s beers into styles. For example Allagash is 80% Belgian styles. Or Other Half is 110% IPAs and Jester King is 90% Sours or something like that. (And come to think of it, that would be a great thing to track for brewpubs and possibly bars on the places section. Show what you’re likely to find at a brewery. I know this changes over time but stats are stats.) Like on the brewery’s place page we could show %sours %ipas brewed overall, but also % of each that turn up on tap.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts that would make for cool


Bumping this as nobody seems to have seen it over the holidays

Going to prompt @joet and @Oakes here for thoughts if you guys have a sec

Very much a cool set of ideas. While the idea with any new brewer page would be to simplify and speed up, adding these features would be a logical next step. A new place page is coming soon but I imagine a brewer page is coming after, and we can make some fixes and think about new features there.

With regard to RateBeer Best awards, none of this is in any sort of awards table. I know, I know… it should be. But it might take a us breaking the whole history of the program down among a few dozen people and knocking this out bu putting all the results into a spreadsheet.

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Any timeline on that Place page release?

Cool! I know we aren’t as big on a million badges for ourselves, but I for one would love to see the various badges a brewer had. Anyway, just some ideas

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We are aiming for Q1 this year

Will there be any beta testing?

Can you temporarily keep the old pages available with a different URL, for any functionality that we may lose with the new pages?

This is a great idea!

@joet I understand this is the general direction RB is taking, but IMHO stats are what makes this site unique and fun. This is just the kind of thing which would lure me into renewing my premium subscription so please consider adding it at least for Premium users.