REQUEST Filtering Nearby Places on Mobile App

Could it be possible to add a filter options for places results with the Nearby Places feature on the app? It would be practical when you’re looking for brewpubs or breweries nearby to not have all the bottle shops / restaurants /grocery stores listed automatically.

@joet @services @tjbiddle

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So, you would like to filter by place type?

For instance, you only want to filter a search list by brewpubs or breweries?

Exactly. Right now, if you are in a big city and you’re searching for, let’s say a Brewpub Nearby, you can have a lot of listings to scroll if many bottle shops, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, homebrew shops are also nearby… The same way around, if I’m looking especially for bottle shops, it’s often lost between others places nearby. Having the option to see all kind of places or to filter a specific kind of places would be pretty useful for the app.