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REQUEST: Get rid of hard seltzers!

May the admins please nuke all the hard seltzers / spiked seltzers that have been added to the database recently? They have absolutely nothing to do with beer, nor with ciders or sake, for that matter. Please do it NOW, before the problem gets bigger, and people start adding hard liquor, cocktails and other mixed drinks.

And no, it does not help if these drinks are produced at a brewery.


Put links to ones you find here and admins can make them unrateable.

Just search for “hard seltzer” or “spiked seltzer”, and most of them will show up. Those with a non-generic name will have to be dealt with individually.

Searching seltzer found me 6 drinks, all of which are now unrateable. Either this is not as widespread a problem as your post implies, or you are going to need to help me out because I am not going to go looking for more.


Hey admins that volunteer your time, PLEASE DO IT NOW


@admins in plese Stop this “virus” before it spreads.
Do not treat this as “Fake News”.
This Seltzer stuff is spreading fast.


This might be one of them. Not really easy to read from the information what it actually is…

Actually think that is a Brut IPA. It’s been rated by an admin as well, who I believe would have made it unrateable if it wasn’t beer.

Untappd isnt sure about this thing either!

Whoa… Untappd being incorrect? What’s next, Ratebeer having less than 10 ratings on nearly all beers?


Looks like this was brewed originally for Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest, everything is pointing to it being a Brut IPA and confusing from the Seltzer in the name:

Hahaha, this wasnt in no way meant to show UT is „better“. This actually shows that they suck as well. I suspect this is the same but one with raspberry. So style should be at least similiar.

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At 2.2% abv they should both be listed as Low Alcohol?


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Sure, you’re the style guy…I was just trying to verify it was rateable and not a seltzer.

“No body, no Haze. Just hops and Bubbles.”

This is the part that gets me wondering. Are there actually any malts in there? Could it actually be a seltzer made to be something in the brut IPA style?

@AirForceHops Can you weight in on this since you have had this beer or seltzer?

From the brewery for what it’s worth

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Never had it so maybe it’s not rateable and the description isn’t what it really is…

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