REQUEST RB app, brewer's sorting options needed

There’s no way to change beer order in a brewer’s beer list using the RB app, thus making it totally useless.

Why can’t you add all / any of those listing options???

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Thanks for the image/screen grab. We like this kind of feedback.

As many familiar with the app know, we often start with the basics and then flesh out features over time based on use, feedback and new ideas. Thank you.

Why does the ‘Beers You May Like’ section display beers that I’ve already rated? I already know if I like them or not.

Well, almost nothing of it is new, you already have Name, ABV Score (global rating), % Style, Number of ratings (most/least popular), Rated or Not (have/not tried before) in the current RB web-based brewer page, but somehow none of them are included in the RB app.

Yeah…such a useless and space-wasting feature…and I always get the Westvleteren in the suggestion (I already rated it)… of course almost everybody would like to try that beer…

Why not use this space to scroll NEW “MY LOCAL” BEERS or recent “MY LOCAL” BEER DISTRIBUTION

Brewer’s listing still need to be, at least listed alphabetically by default

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Any kind of sorting options in the App for brewers listing are still missing…

And when I’m on the brewer’s listing, I’m only interested to see the integral list of beers the Brewer have, not my full reviews for each beers I had from them. It should be listed exactly the same way as in the web version.