REQUEST Score: Global / Type / Average toggle tweaks

Just notice “by mistake/chance” on a beer page, you can click the score bubble to toggle it between global score / style score / fake average score.

If you change which score it shows, then on any further searches (even when restarting the app) it will stay on that score type by default. I don’t know if it’s intented but I would leave it that way personnally, it personalize the search for users…and why not adding the same thing for the web version search…

However, like many asked before, change that damn weighted average for the real average please… and put back 2 numbers instead of 1, like EVERYWHERE ELSE

And if you make the By Style Score possible to make it default, it would be a good to idea to always display the beer style on the beer search results (right under the beer name on the second line, and put the number of reviews for that beer in brackets next to that or under the score)