RIP Cascade Brewing

So, Cascade Brewing closed today… can’t say I loved everything from them, but their enormous cannot (and should not) be denied…

Random article about it:

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That’s to bad always enjoyed what I’ve tried. Visited taproom last summer and had nice meal and few brews

That is sad. I visited the Portland barrelhouse in 2019, every beer was beyond impressive in a way I hadn’t experienced in bottle.

Hopefully the influence and hard work of breweries like Cascade will somehow live on.

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Article reads that the founder sold the business on a long-term payment plan that hadn’t come to term. He died last month & the family doesn’t want to keep paying for a sinking ship.

What a mess. And with presumably most of the assets in barrels there’s not a lot of loss-cutting going on here.

I am sure their beers will continue to be found on selves for years to come.

Wow what a shame, fantastic sours, I have a number of large bottles left