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Route 66

Anyone on here considered or actually ‘done’ Route 66 as a beer journey?

I have touched it around Flagstaff but never been along it for any great length of time.

I know it would take a good two weeks to give it justice and a lot of research would be needed (especially after the Lock In) to find the various taprooms, bars and accommodation for the trip, but what fun planning such a journey.


I don’t think you can actually drive the entirety of US 66 anymore. It is my understanding the interstate system replaced large portions. The original route went from Southern CA to Chicago via Oklahoma. I have been on interstate 40 which more or less parallels US 66 in a large portion of Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas, and New Mexico. If the goal is to travel as much of US 66 you could do that from Northern Arizona to Missouri, however it might not be the best route for beer. If you want to get the best beer from Southern California to Chicago; I would drive to Denver to St. Louis to Chicago and hit the beer places that interest you and you would go through the Rocky Mountains. Of course right now is not the best time for travel.

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Using the Brewery Map app you can put in route and it’ll pull up nearby breweries along roast trip. It’s not perfect but fairy handy tool


When the Hairy Bikers did it I kept a eye on all the beers they were drinking.

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Yes @weihenweizen, I have done a bit of research road wise and read a few bits and bobs. Loads of new roads have surfaced since the original route with local ‘historical groups’ trying to signpost the first Route 66 road as it passed their state or area.

Early stages for me, but I would love to try and do it.


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Cheers @Jow, that will be a great help if my plan comes to fruition and I actually get the chance to do it.


@BeardedAvenger, I will have to find the series and watch it.


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The National Park service actually has a route 66 preservation program. The Searchfortheholyale crew has traveled along much of the newly designated route 66 checking out breweries along the way. Plan your trip at searchfortheholyale.com

Cheers @PubStein50.

I shall take a proper look at your/that website when everything calms down in the world (and hope the brewers and bars are still operating).


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