Salt Lake City July 14-17

I will be in Salt Lake City mid July for a few days. I will be staying and working in downtown. I will not have a car and will seek to rely on public transit, but am open to taking an uber. In any case, what are the must see breweries. I am thinking Squatter’s (partially because it is very close), Kiitos, Level Crossing, and maybe Templin and/or Saltfire. I will be there on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so do places close on those days? Does every place have flights, as I will be mostly alone and cannot split with my wife as I usually do.

In addition, planning on taking a hike if I can that is close to the city. I was thinking Millcreek or Neff Canyon, but am open to other suggestions.


Most of the breweries are open on those days, and most have flights available.
Squatters (Salt Lake Brewing, now) is close to Red Rock Brewing. Both require you to order food. The other breweries in the area do not require ordering food.
Fisher is near Kiitos, they have good solid beers.
Bewilder a few blocks west of downtown has good solid beers.
Shades Brewing has a tap room at 366 S. State Street. It’s a strange place on the second floor. They have (had) food, but not required to have a few beers. I haven’t been there for a few years.
Right now, I think Templin has the some of the best beers in the state. Parking sucks, so I don’t get there as often as I want to but you won’t have that problem!

I should be in town those days, we can meet up if you have some time and I’ll take you to a few places out of town (2 Row, Grid City, Uinta, Salt Flats…).

Sorry, I have no ideas about hiking places.

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Thanks. Forgot about Fisher. I had one if their beers recently and liked it. I will endeavor to take you up on that offer. It is unclear how much I will have to work, but should have at least an evening free! I will beer mail you closer to the date.

First off, I want to thank @Sledutah for driving me around to breweries and assisting me in getting over the 100 line with Utah ticks.

While in SLC, I went to:

Fisher - nice, lively and hip with a great Colombian food truck
Templin Family - modern, good vibes
Proper - arcade games but not really thay good beer. Pleasant staff.
Chappell - small operation in an industrial building but they made a fine NEPA
2 Row - mmmm strip mall brewery, wish I had the high alcohol beers but oh well it is Utah
Bohemian - solid beer and tasty food in a ski chalet
Level Crossing - Black IPAs and Barrel Aged Doppelbocks. Whooo!
Copper Onion - not really a beer place but had a good selection of fresh and tasty cans
Squatter’s - old school with tasty food. I was not super impressed with what they had on tap
Beerhive Pub - part of the bar is made our of ice, so that is fun. Did not spend as much time here as I would have liked, but I would not be upset living by it.