Sam Adams sues ex-employee over non-compete

Interesting case:

I wonder if a judge would actually uphold such a non-compete that doesn’t allow someone to have a job for a year with no compensation.

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If he signed a non-complete clause, Boston Beer Corp. has every right to sue the employee. However, that clause (if it was signed) was made between the employee and Boston Beer Corp., and Downeast has no corporate obligation to withhold job offers to competitors.

Also, Boston Beer Corp. trying to recoup the $20,000 in training fees is ridiculous and won’t happen unless it was written into the employee’s contract. He was there since 2015; he doesn’t owe a lifetime of work to the company. That’s the egregious part of the lawsuit to me. It’s corporate bullying, intended to deter future employees from doing the same at the prospect of costly litigation.