San Diego Haze Bois

So my friend may or may not be a haze/pastry stout/ fruited sour enthusiast. Where should he go in SD?

Here is his list so far:

This list is in no order, should I add/remove anyone??
San Diego:
1. The Lost Abbey
2. Ballast Point
3. Green Flash
4. Belching Beaver
5. North Park
6. Modern Times
7. Mikkeler
8. Societe
9. Alpine
10. Eppig
11. Burgeon
12. Pure Project
13. Amplified Ale Works

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North Park, Pure, Modern Times for hazy stuff.

Societe has great beer, but I don’t think they do like “hype” stuff or anything like that, but I haven’t been there in awhile.

Eppig has awesome awesome lager. IPAs are ok too.

Don’t forget about Alesmith for stouts, you can get lucky and run into some seriously great Speedway variants.

I don’t really do the fruited sour stuff so I’m not much use there. Modern Times always has them, I think. In terms of hitting all 3 of those styles in 1 visit Modern Times is honestly probably you’re best bet.

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Oh, and go to Bottlecraft.