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Sarky is a proper tramp

Has got to 400 cider rates, this is a beer website!

There’s your fucken storyboard


I did want my 400th to be a Tramp White Cider, but I struggled to find a new one. Hopefully 500 will be a proper Tramp cider.


Hope for your sake it hasn’t been taxed out of existence by then.


Congrates, Welcum to the clube!


I want in that clube as well. Needs moar Cider hunting.


Ain’t nothing proper aboot him. I like that quality in a person.

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What a welfare case


I am proud to say I am now the Official Ratebeer White Cider Tramp.


Sarky - we bow in your honour. Or maybe that’s just the pose we adopt when performing tactical chunders? Did you ever see:

Any comments on the drinks of choice (I think you’ll see a can of Gaymer’s K on the table in that picture, for example)?

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I did watch this. To be honest it was sad to see these people as I threw back a can of Black Storm.

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Very sad indeed. Nothing positive to take away from that documentary at all.

ISO K, and Black Storm, 'cos I’ll tick anything once.

Odd conversation at work today - do the terms tramp, hobo and vagrant have different connotations, and does this mean that there is class stratification even at the poorest level of society? Most people couldn’t state what the difference was but nevertheless felt that a vagrant was the best of the three to be.

I always thought hobos were train hoppers and got around. That’s what I would like to be some day. Think I’ve been in the past.

Yeah, hobos are like the Gypsy of the homeless world. Tramps just stay in the same spot. Vagrants are just an archaic form of Tramp.


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