Searching breweries problem

Clicking on Avery got me this.

So I open the app and find the beer. I can use the slider to rate it but I don’t see an option to review it??

I can’t view my beer ratings at all. I tried putting a rating in and then checked to see if it went through and I can’t access the page.

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This is what I get now.

Same. On the website itself. I don’t use the APP.

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Yeah, website on my mobile.

I’m on my laptop. Apparently, the rating didn’t go through since I was able to look up the beer. Still cannot see my page though. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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Yeah wtf is going on. Submitted a rating and got asked to login, so I did and it made a brand new account… wtf? Had to logout and then login with Facebook to get to my real account. Absolute bullshit.
Internal server errors on every page now.

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An attempt to get rid of all the RB people who show an obvious bias against ABINBEV? I’m beginning to think that is a real thing.

Jeeze folks, just accept the fact that things go south once in awhile. I just put my ratings into Word so I could copy them late. It worked.