Seoul, Busan and Ulan Bator

I am traveling to Seoul, Busan and Ulan Bator this month. Any beer must visits in those cities? Cant find a craft brewery in Mongolia?

I am grateful for suggestions

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This is kept fairly up to date from what I am told on the Korean Craft Beer group. I just wish I was going with you!

Korean Craft Beer 한국수제맥주 - Google My Maps


Dunno if I’m too late, but I was just in Seoul last August. Some highlights for me:

-Amazing Brewing Company:
-Ash Tree Brewery:
-Seoul Brewery Kitchen:
-Mikkeller Bar (Seoul):
-Art Monster (Ikseon-dong):
-Coolship: – only if you feel like overpriced lambic (the selection is amazing though).

I have written place reviews for all of them (and the other places I visited) on RB. Hopefully they help. Enjoy!


Thank you very much! I am on the way to Seoul

Realize that I missed putting in place ratings for Busan.
Some favourites were:


Thank you!! i am there in two days